Breed:  Percheron/Thoroughbred mix
​Color:  Fleabitten Grey
​Cloud was purchased from auction.  We consider him rescued.  He's has a sweet and kind personality and is a wonderful ride.



Breed:  Belgian Draft
At 18 hands and around 2,100 lbs, Zeke is our biggest horse.  His former owner had cancer and needed to place her horses.  We were fortunate to provide Zeke a home.  His personality matches his size and he's a favorite of a lot of our riders.
Breed:  Belgian Mix 
​Suzie came to us many years ago from auction.  We consider her rescued.  Suzie has a sweet, but strong personality, which makes her the Lead Mare in our herd.  She has a wonderful, forward movement for a draft horse. She's also our primary carriage horse.

Breed:  Quarter Horse
​Color:  Grey
​Patriot was a Montana ranch horse.  He's sensitive and well trained.  He takes good care of beginner riders, but is also lots of fun for more advanced riders.

Breed:  Quarter Horse
Color:  Bay
​Whitney is a sweet, kind and gentle mare.  She's most suited for children and smaller individuals who might be nervous about riding. 

Breed:  Quarter Horse
Color:  Fleabitten Grey
​Smokey is a horse with strong personality.  A bit of a grump, Smokey is a great ride for a confident rider.



Breed:  Quarter Horse
​Color:  Chestnut
​Skipper was bought from the New Holland auction.  We consider him rescued.  He's a sweet guy and good, easy ride.


Breed:  Thoroughbred
Color:  Dark Bay
​Tango is a retired race horse.  Since coming to us, Tango has learned to relax and take it easy.  He loves the life of a trail horse and is a wonderful ride.  Check out his tongue.  It's always sticking out!


Breed:  Quarter Horse
Color:  Dark Bay
​Rosie is a friendly horse with a sweet personality.  She's our owner, Ken's, horse.


Breed:  Paint
​Color:  Red/White
​Rio's came to use from across the Park.  He was stabled at the Bull Pens before he came to us.  His previous owner still stops in to say hello to her friend.  Rio is a wonderful ride, but he's afflicted with a grumpy personality. He's not friendly to handle on the ground, but the complete opposite under saddle.  If you can get past his personality quirks, you can get to know Rio.


64 Kennel Road
Elkton, Maryland 21921
Breed:  Thoroughbred
Color:  Dark Bay
​In Kat's previous life, she was a race horse who made over $250,000 on the track.  Since coming to us, she has become a favorite of many a rider. Kat and Tango are buddies, but Kat's in charge of their relationship.



Breed:  Thoroughbred
Color: Bay
​Sassy is a retired race horse and was also once a brood mare.  She's a nice girl.



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